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Cut pile tufting gun

Cut pile machine is the most popular style of tufting, the result is an upright pole and the ends of the carpet fibers are exposed. 


Loop pile tufting gun

This loop pile tufting gun is suitable for both high and low-speed tufting and allows for flexible movement. Very easy to use and easy to learn and great machine for when you’re new at tufting. 


Tufting Accessories

The carpet carving machine is the perfect tool for the final finishing of your tufted rug. Carves the rug’s edge as well as the contours of the design. The detachable blade is made for easy changing and cleaning.


About Tufting Gun Store

Tufting Gun Store began in 2019, Discovered the wildly satisfying pastime of at-home rug making. Since then, Tufting Gun Store has grown from a home-based side-hustle into a full fledged West New york business with more than twenty employees. Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the high-quality tools, materials, and instruction they need to make their own incredible tufted projects while staying true to our values.


Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and for being such a generous resource!


Interior Designer

Tuft the World was so helpful and so welcoming! I truly appreciate the customer service he provided 

Jessica Foxx


Instructors can really make or break a class, and you absolutely MADE it! You were so kind, patient, and enthusiastically supportive.



Interested? As rug tufting gains steam across the world

it has become a trend and a hobby all at once!

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